Weight loss is best achieved by lifestyle changes

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Weight loss. apple and scale

Most of us know that starvation diets are unhealthy. However, we try each new fad diet that comes out. Weight loss by declining your body’s needs can never be maintained. However, diet and patience do not typically go together. Therefore, those who change their lifestyles and embrace healthy living usually have more success in losing weight and maintaining it.

You are unique with unique weight loss needs

Each person is unique and has unique needs. However, we all have in common the need for positive support while we work on establishing that healthy lifestyle. We need someone to encourage us to do more than starving ourselves. However, that is not enough. Building a support team could bring amazing results.

Weight loss support team

Having the following support will ease the stumbling blocks in your pursuit of a healthy lifestyle:

  • Start building your support team by recruiting those closest to you. After all, somebody must be there to stop you from sneaking to the kitchen for a midnight snack.
  • Chumming up with a nutritionist or dietitian can be invaluable to teach you about the various food groups. Each food type plays a roll in your overall health and similarly,  getting to know calorie values can help.
  • Next on your list of supporters is your physician who can monitor your progress and spot health problems immediately. As I said, you are unique, and so will be your body’s reaction to a changed diet.
  • No weight loss program can be successful without physical exercise. Having a fitness schedule to fit your needs is essential, and a fitness trainer can adjust your routine along with your progress.

Even if you have to pay for some members of your support team, do it with a smile. The ultimate results will make it worth every cent.

Weight loss hacks

I recently read an article about ways to boost your already established weight loss routine while you sleep. However, you will only benefit from these if you continue to follow all the other aspects of your plan. Continue to follow your diet, workout routine and mention these tricks to your physician. The lack of sleep can sink any challenge. Therefore, the following pre-bedtime tips focus on ensuring you enter each day properly rested.

Make your bedtime drink a protein shake

A Florida State University study concluded that drinking a protein shake 30 to 60 minutes before bedtime aids weight loss. They found that a 150-calorie protein shake typically improves metabolism, metabolic function and lowers blood pressure.

Avoid lying awake to plan tomorrow

Our busy lives often have us fighting sleep to plan our tomorrows. Along with working out a work-related action plan, you have to plan running errands, taxiing and collecting children and more. Furthermore, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks need planning, not to mention checking in with your support team members. You will also have to plan where to fit your workout routine among all the other tasks. Half your night will be gone by the time you have all your plans in place.

The solution: Sit down and plan your tomorrows each night before you go to bed. Having all sorted, you can go to bed without stress, good to go to dreamland with pleasant thoughts in your head.

Keep a cool room

Here’s information obtained from an interesting research project. One group of young men slept in rooms with a temperature set to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Another group slept in cooler rooms at 66 degrees Fahrenheit. Researchers found the second group in the cooler rooms burned double the volumes of calorie-burning fat than the other group.

The solution: Make sure you set the air conditioner to keep you cool.

Total blackout

Research published in the Journal of Biological Rhythm shows that any type of light in your bedroom can disrupt a good night’s sleep. This includes light emitting from tablets, cell phones, laptops, and the television.

The solution: Have a total blackout rule, with no television, e-reading or other gadgets in the room. Furthermore, get blackout curtains if the street or other lights shine into your room.

Weight loss, a;am clock

Plan your wake-up time

Another study, this time of Brigham University, studied the effects of wake-up times on weight. They found that waking up at a similar time each morning helps with weight loss. The weights of two groups of women volunteers were compared each morning. Those who woke up at different hours weighed more than those who woke up within a specific hour each day.

The solution: Set your alarm to wake you up at a similar time each morning.

Besides, if you lie awake for many hours during the night, you will wake up hungrier, which could lead to those midnight snacks of unhealthy food.


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