What can we learn from the disaster in Texas?

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What can we learn from the disaster in Texas? - The Hot Mess Press

2021 started with a bang. And not in a good way. Texas and many Southern states experienced crazy weather in mid-February. Low temperatures combined with vast amounts of precipitation created conditions that they simply were not prepared for. The disaster in Texas was horrific and they will likely be rebuilding for weeks, months, or even longer in some cases. It’s not simply the fact that Texans don’t know how to deal with snow or cold weather. The devastation is not something to joke about. These unprecedented conditions should teach us all 2 important lessons. The first one is to always be prepared for emergency situations. The second lesson is to not rely on the government for help.

Be prepared

Stay prepared for emergencies so you don’t have to scramble at the last minute. You should have plenty of food, water, first aid supplies, pet supplies, and other basic necessities. If possible, have a backup heat source like an indoor-safe propane heater, gas stove, or kerosene heater. Many Texans can tell you about damage from burst pipes in extremely low temperatures.  Sometimes, you can prevent this by leaving your faucet to drip until it warms back up.  Know how to cut off the water supply to your house to reduce flooding in case pipes do burst. If you have a limited budget or limited storage space, keeping extra supplies can be a challenge. Do what you can within your budget to buy a few extra items a week to add to your stash. Get creative with storage space. Even apartment dwellers can stay prepared for most types of emergencies.

Don’t depend on the government for help

I’m a firm believer in taking care of ourselves with little government intervention. But natural disasters usually call for help from the Federal government. People died during the disaster in Texas. Many of those who died were senior citizens who didn’t have access to much-needed help at a crucial time. The Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, declared a state of disaster and asked for help. He wanted the Department of Energy to reduce limits temporarily so more people would have full access to power. The DOE refused and would only allow them to exceed power limits at an exorbitant cost. No power means that people froze to death in their homes. This is completely unacceptable in the US.

Things to consider

Here’s another interesting thing to think about. On Biden’s first day in office, when he signed the executive order to halt construction to the Keystone  XL pipeline, he also made America’s power grid vulnerable to foreign interference, mainly from China. President Trump signed an order in May 2020 to secure the United States bulk-power system and prevent malicious acts from outside sources. Biden’s executive order removed that protection as a way to counteract “climate change.” So, is it possible that a foreign country interfered in the US power grid? We will likely never know the truth but Biden left it open to possibility.

The disaster in Texas has shown how important it is to have supplies on hand for storms and other emergencies. The entire country has witnessed how unreliable the current administration is. We can’t rely on the government in our time of need. Most of those high-ranking government officials don’t care about the average person. Chuck Schumer, the Senate Majority Leader, openly mocked Texans’ attempt to be energy-independent. Everyone needs to be prepared for emergencies with food, water, heat, and a plan. Everyone, no matter where they live, needs to focus on being more self-reliant. We can’t rely on the government to step up when they are needed. I think most Texans would have to agree. Do what you can now to prepare for the future. The next disaster could be right around the corner.

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