What is a twindemic and should you be worried about it?

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Many recent news stories have talked about the potential of a twindemic this fall and winter. But what is a twindemic? Some medical experts are concerned about the upcoming fall and winter season being particularly bad when it comes to respiratory illnesses. Flu season is quickly approaching and many areas are still dealing with COVID-19 infections. The so-called “twindemic” would be a time where these illnesses overlap. This could lead to packed hospitals and limited resources.  Plus, the economic repercussions could also be significant if states decide to go back on lockdown. With all the other things that have happened in 2020, it wouldn’t hurt to be informed and prepared in case this new phenomenon does happen.

What are the risks?

No one can predict when COVID-19 will go away. But now with flu season quickly approaching, medical experts are concerned about dealing with both illnesses simultaneously. One of the main concerns is the availability of space in hospitals. Some areas are still experiencing crowding in hospitals due to COVID-19. This means fewer beds for patients with serious flu cases. The recent months have taught us much about reducing the rate of infection when it comes to these types of respiratory viruses. If everyone will continue being cautious, hopefully, we can prevent this twindemic. Remember to avoid touching your face in public and sanitize or wash your hands frequently. If you do feel mildly ill, stay home to avoid infecting others. The mainstream media tends to exaggerate some of the information on COVID-19 and the seasonal flu. But, most people can fight these types of infections with rest, over-the-counter medications, and time. Always check with your doctor if you’re experiencing severe symptoms or are immunocompromised.

How to prepare

One of the best ways to be sure you’re prepared for this type of national emergency is to have supplies available. Not everyone has the space or resources for large supplies of food and other necessities. But, you can have the basics on hand in case you can’t get out to get what you need. Some things to consider buying include non-perishable foods, pet supplies, medications, household supplies, and toiletries. There may be new shortages of items like paper goods, cleaning supplies, and food staples so it can help to stock up now if possible. Also, think about the upcoming holiday season. You may want to purchase any baking goods, specialty foods, or other items that you need for Thanksgiving and Christmas. If infection rates rise again in late fall, these items may be hard to find. You may also want to stock up on cold/flu medications along with soups and electrolyte drinks in case someone in your house does get sick.

The year 2020 has thrown many challenges at us. We’ve dealt with everything from social unrest to terrible wildfires. Now we’re left to wonder what is a twindemic? Some experts worry that this year’s flu season, combined with COVID-19, will lead to problems. One of the main concerns is hospital space. No one can predict what will happen this fall and winter. But we can stay vigilant about staying healthy. It’s also a good idea to be prepared with staple foods and necessary supplies at home. No one wants to go on forced lockdown again. But, it is a possibility that we should consider and be ready for.




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