What kind of mug do you use for tea and coffee?

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I have a confession to make. I’m a little bit obsessed with mugs. I especially like unique mugs, and most of the time, I won’t buy a set of matching ones. Most of my mugs have some sort of story, or some special meaning to them. I also like certain ones for tea, and certain ones for coffee. Recently, as I was heating water, so to enjoy a cup of Chamomile tea, I searched desperately for a specific mug I often like to use for tea. It is an owl-shaped mug, with folk art decor, which my mother gave to me, ‘just because,’ many years ago. When I was relieved to find it hiding behind some soup mugs in a corner cabinet, I realized I was a tad bit over-worried. Then I thought, am I the only one who uses a specific kind of mug for tea and coffee?

The right kind of mug for tea

Many people like to enjoy tea using fine china. I agree, using fine china does lend a bit of romance to the mundane act of enjoying a cup of tea. I am obsessed with china tea cups, too, and have many. They make an appearance when I have guests, or my daughters want to have a tea party. But if I’m enjoying an evening cup of tea, usually I will just grab my owl mug, or another go-to. How do I decide what kind of mug to use for tea? Well, for starters, like fine china, it cannot be bulky. There has to be some beautiful pattern, or some intricate detail in the curvature or shape of the mug. The handle cannot be too thick or wide. It truly has to give a little flair of romance, much like my fine china tea cups do, in order for me to want to sip tea from it.

what kind of mug do you use for tea and coffee

So what’s the right kind of mug for coffee?

I’m a little less-specific when it comes to coffee mugs. In general, I don’t like large mugs, although I have made a concession here and there when I’ve found a really cute one. That includes the mug my hubby bought me when we got our new flock of chickens from an Amish farmer. That mug is larger, but has a nice shape, and the image is of a sweet barred rock pullet. I prefer coffee mugs that can keep my coffee hot for a period of time, like when I have to abandon it 962 times to chase a toddler. Funny phrases, beautiful pictures, or a solid color I’m drawn to, are all factors in what mug I might choose to hang at my “coffee bar.” The shape also plays a role, though I don’t avoid the typical mug shape, especially if it has a beautiful picture on it.

Different materials, and how they factor in

I am old-fashioned, I guess, when it comes to mugs in general. I don’t prefer to drink tea or coffee out of a tumbler, or a travel mug, a glass one or acrylic. Travel mugs/tumblers are good for on-the-go, but I definitely don’t like to be on the go too much.  This is especially true when I’m trying to enjoy my tea or coffee. I like a good ceramic mug, and will take it over any other type. There are many pros and cons to each of these other materials listed, but for me, they’re mostly cons. I think the material of the mug is part of the experience. A mug made from ceramic just enhances that of my tea- or coffee- drinking.

Others have a preference, too

I think that there must be others out there like me. There have to be people who have a specific kind of mug they use for tea and coffee. They probably also have various preferences for style, size, and material.  I think that no matter what kind you prefer, having a specific one for either experience is not abnormal. Likely, you, too, would probably search a bit frantically for that beloved mug your mother gave you.

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