What Price Will We Pay for a Legal High?

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At this time, several more states are taking up the issue of whether they should legalize marijuana for the average user. Several states have already legalized the medical use of this drug and a handful has made it legal for recreational users as well. Other states have taken the step of de-criminalizing the use of it. The states that have legalized it, differ vastly from the amounts that are legal to have on their person. Some states have decided that an eighth of an ounce is more than enough while Michigan decided that two ounces is a reasonable amount. That would be the equivalent to a full Mason jar portion. This just illustrates the fact that majority of lawmakers really have no idea how to handle the issue and what is truly best for the well-being of the general public.

So, what is the reasoning behind even considering allowing the average adult to indulge in smoking marijuana? For years, the government has been dead set against permitting this activity. Medical studies cannot seem to come to a consensus as to whether this substance is harmful to users. Several studies have seemed to show that limited use of the drug in different forms can provide medical benefits to those who suffer from a variety of ailments. It is purportedly effective in relieving pain and nausea for certain cancer patients and those who struggle with other serious ailments such as Parkinson’s and Lou Gering’s diseases. It is also supposedly effective in helping diabetics control blood sugar levels and with reducing the pain of neuropathy. Other studies have shown that the oil is helpful in reducing seizures in children. So, at least as a medicine, marijuana may have its uses. So, what is the reason for allowing recreational use now after all of these years of the War on Drugs?

Once again, science cannot definitively answer the question as to whether the drug is harmful for those who use it recreationally. Those who smoke or ingest it report feelings of euphoria and a lessening of stress and worry. However, it also promotes anxiety and can increase the heart rate, thereby actually adding to anxiety for those who are already struggling with this issue. In addition, marijuana has been shown to have an adverse effect on cognitive abilities and memory. It also has been shown to affect coordination and problem solving. Furthermore, even though smoking marijuana doesn’t seem to have a negative impact on the lungs, for those who already smoke cigarettes, it may increase the possibility of developing lung cancer.

So, what will be the outcome on society if the general population indulges in this substance? Will the collective intelligence be impacted? The drug is known to decrease motivation, so will the imagination and creativity that has been an American trademark diminish? Is the benefit of another revenue source for taxes win out over the collective good of the general public? I guess only time will tell if we become the nation of mellow snackers or if we will realize that we don’t need to dull our senses anymore.


Writer Bio:  Angela Mose

I am a mom of 7 who has successfully homeschooled for 20 years.  I was married for more than 25 years and have recently started my life over. I have a passion for writing and music and when the two can be combined, it is utopia.  A Maryland native, I am planning to relocate north in the near future and will continue to strive to learn and experience new things on a regular basis. I am fortunate enough to be able to work from home while exploring new ways to increase my knowledge and skills and help improve the lives of those around me.

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