What’s behind the supply chain crisis?

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What's behind the supply chain crisis? - The Hot Mess Press

We’ve seen product shortages since early 2020. Some of these shortages were due to panic buying, while others may have been due to limited product availability. It seemed to even out for a while with mostly stocked shelves. Now, prices have risen considerably in 2021. Thanks, Joe. And we are facing a supply chain crisis. Theories on the reason for the cause of the crisis are centered on the shortage of truckers and shipyard workers. Many people have quit or been put on unpaid leave due to illegal vaccine mandates. But, there is another possibility. The cargo sits out in port while store shelves sit empty. It’s almost like the Biden regime is trying to cause panic through a manufactured crisis. Panicked people look for a savior. The government can step in to save the day. But along with “saving” us, they also impose even more draconian restrictions.

Reasons for the delay

As of right now, there are no definitive reasons behind the delay of the unloading of goods to trucks. There are many theories though. There seems to be a shortage of truckers to move the goods from port to distribution centers and retail outlets. But what’s behind the shortage? Perhaps truck drivers, who spend much of their time alone in their trucks, don’t want to be forced to take an experimental shot just to keep their job. The same could be said for those who work in the shipyards. American citizens don’t want to be forced to have an unproven and untested medical treatment simply to be able to feed their families. The US Treasury Deputy Secretary, Wally Adeyemo, alludes to the fact that the situation can only be fixed on everyone is vaccinated. What an odd take on a very serious situation.

Where are the goods?

There are ships loaded with cargo sitting out in ports on the east and west coasts waiting to be unloaded. These ships not only contain imported goods, but also the materials that American manufacturers need to make and package products. Prices have gone up astronomically. Have you noticed that your grocery bill is significantly higher than last year or even a few months ago? An aerial view of the Long Beach port in California shows many ships sitting idle because they can’t be unloaded. It remains to be seen what will happen with the goods waiting to be unloaded and distributed. Consider the following when trying to determine the cause for the delays. There has been an extreme push to vaccinate against COVID-19, even when the statistics show that the vaccine may not be safe or effective. Is this crisis simply another way to coerce people into getting vaccinated?

The lack of vaccination is being used as a scapegoat as to why there are issues within the supply chain. I think most can agree that we would all like to return to pre-pandemic life. But what does that entail? The federal government wants you to believe that vaccination is the answer. But consider this. A high percentage of people have recovered from COVID-19. This means they have natural and protective antibodies. The government also claims we have a considerably high vaccination rate. That should mean most people are relatively safe from serious COVID-19 infections. So, why should our economic crisis depend on even more coerced vaccinations? This is the wake-up point. Unfortunately, our government is no longer for the people. They are quickly gaining control over every aspect of our lives. If we wish to save our country, we have to stand together against unlawful mandates.

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