What’s Wrong with Aging?!?

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“Age ain’t nuthin’ but a number”, right? Turning thirty didn’t bother me. Turning forty made me squirm a little but ultimately I decided, “I look all right–I don’t need to panic yet”. Two years later, with the Big 4-2 looming overhead I am still not panicking. I’m sure that will kick in at some point but for now I feel all right.

What is more important: looking alright or feeling all right? This is something I think about nearly every day, especially with three young women and one young son in my household. I don’t want any of them fearing the aging process–for themselves or for me. This is what I have learned over the years.

Unless you die, you will age. 

I’d rather live and age than die young. So that’s that.

Work with what you’ve got. 

We’ve all seen them– those pics of men and women doing their best to outwit nature with botox, lip injections, plastic surgery…it saddens me when the masses can’t feel secure about themselves for who they are and what they look like. After all, if you can’t accept yourself, how on earth could you accept me?

This is what I tell my kids: figure out your talent and develop it. Find your passion and go for it. For one thing, chances of you becoming a world-renowned model are slim to none. And go figure– world renowned models are worried about aging. That is one particular microscope I’d rather not live under. No, thank you.

Find the beauty in others…

and you will eventually see the beauty in yourself. I never looked at my Grandma Daisy and thought she looked ugly with wrinkles or age spots. She was, and always will be, one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. Her beautiful soul and personality made more of an impression on me than her looks. Oh…but there is something I remember about her looks that I will never forget: her white hair. I loved that hair. When all of my hair is white one day, I’ll think of Grandma Daisy and smile. I love you, Grandma.

Do what you can then keep living.

I’m not going to let the aging process assault me. I’ve had so many people say that I don’t act like I was 40. I will take that as a compliment since I’m not sure how it was actually meant. How is a 40 year old supposed to act? A 50 year old? Nope…I won’t be defined or boxed in. I eat clean foods, drink purified water, apply a plant-based-no-chemicals-please product on my face, laugh a lot and play Rock Band. I paint my nails in funky colors and patterns, wear chucks and do the things that want to do without thinking, “Am I too old for this?”.

As I age and watch my children grow into adulthood, I hope to impart some kind of wisdom like: flossing is really good for you. Take your vitamins and get a full night’s sleep. When you see the laugh lines developing, be thankful– you’re more beautiful for having them. When your hair starts turning white, color it! Pink and blue are exceptionally striking against white hair. That’s how I’m going to act like a 40-50-60-70 and 80 year old!!

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CJ Heath is a mama of four beautiful babies. She thinks they’re beautiful but not necessarily for their looks: she sees their beauty within and is grateful to be aging with such kind, loving souls in her household.


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