What’s Wrong With Me? Part 5–Meeting Holly

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In July of 2015, I flew to Colorado for a month. Travelling  was stressful because every action– physical and mental– takes a toll on my already-depleted energy stores. Taxing act of travelling aside, the vacation itself afforded me a lovely time. During part of the trip, I had my first session with an Intuitive Healer. Now I know my Christian friends will think I am a heathen possibly delving into something demonic, but I can assure you that I love our One True God and all He offers us through His universe…including ‘fringe-type’ help from people like Intuitive Healers. Meeting Holly was absolutely life-changing for me and she set in motion the process that I know will deliver me to my best health.

“Holly” is Holly Scalmanini, a medical intuitive who specializes in many things, including Intuitive Readings. The hour I spent with her will be something that I never forget. She read me as a person, telling me things  I already knew about myself, and some things that I did not. She then spent quite a long time on addressing my health. When she told me, “I feel like you have these conditions that leave you feeling like you have chronic fatigue syndrome”, I knew she was onto something. My primary condition, she told me, was something called Adrenal Fatigue. I was vaguely aware of what this was, but fuzzy on the cause and how to cure it.

Once I returned home, I began frantically researching adrenal fatigue. What I found out was bittersweet: it felt good to know that I could start labeling this condition I had, yet I was disappointed to find that this is not a condition that the medical community readily admits exists. Sure enough, when I went to my conventional medical doctor, she had not heard of adrenal fatigue. She kept repeating the phrase, “This is not in my wheelhouse…”. I understood in that moment that whatever this adrenal fatigue was, I was going to have to learn about it on my own. It hurt to think that the same doctor I trusted so much with diagnosing my back issues could not help me to overcome this debilitating, health-robbing illness called, “adrenal fatigue”. I had heard in the past that “You have to advocate for your own health”. I always took that to mean I needed to be assertive with doctors…but now I understand it to mean that total health will not come from talking to doctors who admit that an illness is not in their wheelhouse of knowledge. It comes from aggressively researching your illness and coming up with your own plan of healing–without the support of an MD.

When I read Dr. Wilson’s, Adrenal Fatigue The 21st Century Stress Syndrome, I found myself nodding in agreement to the words on the pages. Finally!!! I had an answer to this crippling fatigue. I will always be grateful to Holly and the part she played in getting my health on track. Now that I had a name for my condition, it was time to search Facebook for groups that could help me…and then I experienced my next life-changing moment…

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Now you can see that CJ Heath is beginning to experience hope. By this point in her article, she knew it was time to roll up her sleeves and tackle adrenal fatigue. Don’t know what that is? Stay tuned to our next article…

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