What’s Wrong With Me? Part 9: And the Healing Begins

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So here we are…finally! Let’s summarize: I felt sick for a really long time, at least 10 years, though maybe more.  I had blood test after blood test performed by conventional doctors that denied there was something wrong with me. Through my own research and Intuitive Healer, I found out I had Adrenal Fatigue (severe, at the time). I had hormone saliva testing done to show that not only did I have severe adrenal fatigue, I also had very depleted hormones, mimicking those of a post-menopausal woman. I also am “iron-anemic” and have fibroids (so my periods are super-duper fun EVERY month!), I have a dormant Eppstein-Barr virus and I am hypothyroid. Whew!

I have learned that although medical labs can be helpful, the conventional doctor may prescribe treatments that do more harm than good. I’m interested in getting cellular-level healthy for the duration of my lifetime, not healthy for now, with a time-bomb to extreme poor health detonating later.

I searched for Holistic groups on line and found what I think are the answers there. I wish I could say to you that I am healed, thin, with a head full of luxurious, thick hair…alas! I am at the beginning of my healing process. I am not worried about that for now…stress can be a killer. At the moment, I am focusing on healing gently every day.

In future articles, I will share with you links to sites that I have discovered are very helpful in creating a pathway for excellent health. In a nutshell, here are the fine points:

Microwaves are dangerous: Invest in a toaster oven.

–No processed foods. There are many healthy ways of eating–my preferred diet is to follow The Primal Blueprint.

–There are vitamins and minerals we need to be healthy, but are not getting because of poor diet and less nutrient-dense vegetables and fruits (I will be more in-depth about this later).

–Although it’s not budget-friendly, eating grass-fed, free-range meat is best. If you can’t afford that just yet, consider eliminating pork from your diet, at least.

–Our current generation of adults will most likely outlive their children. I don’t know about you, but I have 4 kids and there is NO WAY I will outlive them. They need a clean diet full of vitamins and minerals, just like we do. Are my kids in perfect health? No… but I am working on them as diligently as I am working on myself. We are getting there very slowly, but surely.

–Your household cleaners could be killing you. At the very least, they are aggravating your allergies and possibly damaging your lungs when you breathe in the fumes. I am steadily learning about creating my own safe and effective cleaners, which I will share with you later as well.

This could go on and on. I find it depressing to think that the very products we have invented to make our lives easier and ‘cleaner’, are actually killing us slowly. The accumulative negative effects of the toxins in our environment are causing us to be sicker than ever. Our food supply is diseased with pesticides, instead of abounding in the nutrients we need to survive with good health. We have learned that “The Good Life” is chock-full of very unhealthy lifestyles.  Ho-hum…. *sad face*

But there is hope!! Yes, you’re going to spend money on vitamins and minerals because we can’t get what we need from today’s food supply. It’s okay! Instead of budgeting for Starbuck’s coffee (coffee is horrible for your adrenals), funnel the money toward the Health Food Aisle or Organic Market. Practice due diligence when it comes to researching holistic healing and what you will incorporate into your own lifestyle. We all have to start somewhere and I’m more than happy to share with you what I have learned. Until next time!


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CJ Heath is sometimes exhausted by the research she has been doing regarding holistic healing. She knows that she can’t rely on conventional doctors to help her through this process. However, she will persevere because she wants her kids to outlive her with exceptional health and she wants YOU to feel better, too.  à votre santé!!!

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