When so Many Days Are Special Do They All Have to Involve Sugar?

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It is my birthday this weekend. My husband is building me two sets of barn doors for our house for my birthday. In addition, I anticipate there will be cupcakes and ice cream. Why is it that almost every holiday or special day is celebrated with sugar?

When we got married we had cake at both bridal showers, our wedding rehearsal and our reception. In addition, we had a candy bar in replace of the groom’s cake. For all three of my graduations, I had cake. I have never not had a birthday where I have not had cake. Stockings are full of candy at Christmas, Halloween is nothing but the thrill Trick or Treating for candy, Easter includes a hunt for candy filled plastic eggs and Thanksgiving feasts typically involve a buffets full of desserts to choose from.

Now that we have kids, there are school days where we have donuts with dad, muffins with mom and candy treats for just about any reason that can be concocted. When I strictly eliminated sugar from diet, I have had some friends and family attempt to convince me that I should cheat “because it is a special day” but how many days can be special when we make almost all of them special?

If you are trying to eliminate sugar, here are some ways to celebrate without involving sugar:

Kids’ birthdays: Ask a child’s teacher if there is something non-edible that can be donated to a classroom instead of cupcakes, donuts or other sweet treats to celebrate a child’s birthday. This could involve donating a book to the classroom and read by a special reader on the child’s birthday. The book could remain to be used by kids long after a child has moved on to other classrooms. The teacher could be open to a classroom craft organized and supplies donated by the parent as well.

Adult birthdays: Consider a fruit edible arrangement or other non-sugar treat ways to celebrate a birthday. The celebration could include a meal to the individual’s favorite restaurant, a manicure, massage or other relaxing things instead of cake and cupcakes.

Halloween and Easter: Consider providing some non-candy treats. Kids love skin tattoos, stickers and other small items to enjoy and play with. It can help eliminate some candy and provide treats to children who may have an allergy or other health reason that they cannot have candy.

Christmas Stockings: We have begun to put very little candy in our Christmas stockings on Christmas. Our kids have numerous opportunities for cookies and candy throughout December making us to not want to add more sugar to the holiday. We have found our kids get really excited about toothbrushes and toothpaste with characters they like in their stockings as well as a small toy or two.


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