Where are all the proud people who voted for Joe Biden?

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Where are all the proud people who voted for Joe Biden? - The Hot Mess Press

I want to start with a disclaimer here. I’m very conservative and I think President Trump did an excellent job while in office. I had no hopes for anything good coming from a Joe Biden/Kamala Harris administration. Every day, as new videos come out showing the complete incompetence of the two of them, I feel like we’re in a clown world. But I do have a serious question for Democrats/ liberals/leftists, or whatever you call yourself. Where are the proud people who voted for Joe Biden? I need to speak with you. How do you feel about the disturbing events going on in our country right now? This is not an America I have known in my 30-plus years. We are in a crisis and something needs to be done before it’s too late.

Empty and broken promises

If you supported the ideals behind the Biden/Harris administration and voted based on their promises, how are you holding up now? So far, they’ve done nothing useful. Biden can’t string together a coherent sentence, let alone represent us to world leaders in a way that makes America look like a world power. Kamala won’t visit the southern border, which is supposed to be one of her main areas of concern. But that’s ok, she hasn’t been to Europe either. If it weren’t so alarming, it would almost be comical to see our beloved country being quickly ruined by this group of incompetent frauds.

Stop listening to the media and look at the facts

The mainstream media has played a huge part in getting our country into this position. We are now the laughing stock of the world as leaders refuse to meet with Biden and countries see the disaster that has happened in just a few short months. If you don’t believe the media lies to you, look up Operation Mockingbird. Mainstream media outlets don’t benefit from providing us with the truth. They are so wound up in the propaganda machine that most of them are incapable of even seeing the truth in front of them. You may think I sound like a conspiracy theorist, but before you dismiss what I’m saying, research for yourself. If something sounds off, look it up. Wake up to what’s going on and help your friends and family see the disaster that is happening before your eyes.

Who voted for Joe Biden? He supposedly got the most votes in history. Where are these people and how do they feel about their vote now? If you’re proud of what this administration has accomplished so far, please enlighten the rest of us. Surely anyone can see the horrific direction our country is headed. With over 78 million votes, there have to be some people somewhere who can point me in the right direction. I want to hear about the good things that have been accomplished. I need to know if those of you who voted for Joe Biden are proud of your vote. Are you happy with the direction our country is headed? Because if you are, I think you have worse problems than having voted for the man who will likely go down as the worst American president in history. But at least he doesn’t do mean Tweets.


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