Who has wealth — Rich Man or Poor Man?

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A rich father was concerned about his teenage son, who seemed to take their wealth for granted. Therefore, he worked out a plan to teach the teen to appreciate their privileged lifestyle. The father took him for a visit to a farm for a first-hand experience of living a poor lifestyle while staying with a common farmer and his family.

Wealth vs. farmlife

Lessons learned about wealth

On the drive back home after the weekend on the farm, the father asked his son what lessons he learned.

He was speechless when the boy replied that the time on the farm showed him how incredibly poor they were. “What are you talking about?” asked the father.

Dogs playing

The teenager replied, “Well, dad, we have one dog — they have five.”

River view

“We have a swimming pool — they have a river.”

Wealth Fresh produce

“We buy our supplies at Whole Foods — they grow their own.”

Family Dinner

“We have a massive Flat Screen TV — they enjoy each other’s company around the dinner table.”

Wealth Moon and Stars

“We have the city lights — they have the spectacular moon and the stars.”

Wealth We Have God

“We have the world — they have God.”

In a nutshell

The teenager taught his father a few essential lessons. After that weekend, the father realized that he had it all wrong.

Money does not bring wealth.

Instead, relationships with family, friends and God bring true wealth.

True wealth is not of the pocket but of the heart and of the mind. – Kevin Gates

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