Who is Mike Lindell, and why is he hiding?

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Mike Lindell, typewriter with words "cancel culture" on paper

It’s a beautiful thing when a person overcomes tremendous suffering and hardship in life. For some people, the triumph is unexpected and nothing short of miraculous. That appears to be the case for Mike Lindell. He was in a downward spiral for many years and suffered devastating losses because of an addiction to drugs and alcohol he just couldn’t seem to beat. Lindell didn’t lose his life, though; in fact, he completely turned it around and became the CEO of a company that has brought his net worth to more than $330 million.

If you were to try to locate Mike Lindell today, your efforts would undoubtedly be in vain. That’s because he’s in hiding. Why? — because he has angered many powerful, dangerous people, and there may be reasons they want him dead. Threats on his life recently escalated to such high numbers that he had to go into hiding. Lindell’s story is amazing, complex and troubling, especially to anyone who would like to believe that the United States of America is still a free country. Lindell met with President Donald Trump some time after the 2020 presidential election. What happened after that might shock you.

Basic background facts about Mike Lindell

In order to grasp the seriousness of the current circumstances of Mike Lindell, it’s important to know more about him. The following list includes basic “About Lindell” facts that will bring you up to speed:

  • He was married to his first wife for 20 years, and they had four children together.
  • Lindell’s first wife divorced him because of his apparent inability to beat his severe addiction to alcohol and crack cocaine.
  • Lindell lost his marriage and his home.
  • He prayed for God to take his desire for drugs and alcohol away, and it worked.
  • Lindell had tried to launch several startup companies and held numerous jobs during his years of addiction, but every effort failed.
  • A new product idea came to him in a dream, and he made the dream a reality by creating  a company called, “MyPillow”.
  • Lindell married again but his second wife left him after less than a year, and he learned that she never loved him and was only after his money.

Lindell says he was glad there was a prenuptial agreement in place. He eventually entered a new relationship with a woman he credits for helping him restore his faith and strengthen his relationship with Jesus Christ.

President Trump invited Mike Lindell to the White House

When coronavirus was a minute-by-minute topic in news headlines in March, 2020, President Donald Trump invited Mike Lindell to the White House. The MyPillow CEO accepted the invitation to announce his pillow company’s plans to manufacture 50,000 face masks for medical professionals as a community service effort. After that public speaking engagement, things took a turn for the worse. Here’s what happened:

  • Mike Lindell used his personal Twitter account to voice his opinions about possible fraud in the 2020 presidential election.
  • Twitter banned his account, which had over 500,000 followers.
  • Twitter also eventually banned the MyPillow official company account, as well.
  • Lindell made headlines again after a private meeting with President Donald Trump where a camera supposedly zoomed in Lindell’s notes, which allegedly contained the words “martial law”.
  • Lindell told reporters he was delivering notes to the president from an attorney.
  • Major companies suddenly “cancelled” Lindell, refusing to carry MyPillow products.
  • Dominion Voting Systems reportedly threatened Lindell with a defamation lawsuit after he named their machines and software as suspect to fraud in the general election.
  • Lindell is said to have stated that he indeed hopes Dominion sues him so that he can present the evidence of fraud he has gathered to the court.

As most people know, Twitter also banned President Donald Trump’s account, as did Facebook and other Big Tech companies. The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution protects the right to free speech. There is an obvious assault against free speech occurring throughout the country.

So, why is Mike Lindell in hiding?

Lindell says that, as time went on, he began to dig deeper into the possibility that evidence exists to show that foreign countries and domestic enemies of the United States combined efforts to fraudulently secure a victory for Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election.

Lindell recently released a video that included interviews with forensic experts and others whose testimonies corroborated his own suspicion that the 2020 election was tainted by fraud. In fact, Lindell says the video proves beyond a doubt that fraud occurred. YouTube and other online venues took down the video within minutes after Lindell posted it. You can watch it here.

As with many people who have come to fear for their lives after expressing opinions that differ from an extreme leftist narrative, Mike Lindell is said to be currently in hiding. After posting his film, “Absolute Truth,” the number of death threats against him reportedly soared to new and concerning heights.

Concerning issues that intersect news about Lindell

This past week, Daniel Best, who was appointed by the Trump Administration to find a way to lower prescription drug prices, was found dead of repeated blunt force trauma. The medical examiner ruled the 49-year-old’s sudden death a suicide. Really? So, he beat himself to death? Don’t you find that odd? It’s been said that a powerful conglomerate of global networks stood to lose hundreds of billions of dollars if Best’s proposed plan for lower prescription drug prices in the U.S. were to succeed.

A 54-year-old GOP state auditor was also recently found dead. His family hadn’t heard from him, which was unusual, so they requested a well-check at his residence. Robert Kane was a champion of children, who had worked tirelessly to bring down child sex trafficking cartels in this country. As a former senator, he had initiated the Safe Harbor for Exploited Children Act.

Neither of these men had any health concerns or personal crises at the time of their sudden and unexpected deaths. Both, however, had voiced opinions and participated in activities that are staunchly opposed to extreme leftism. Issues such as election fraud, human trafficking, prescription drug prices and other topics appear to intersect often in political discussions. People keep turning up dead and are said to have committed suicide when their family, friends and co-workers say they were healthy, well-adjusted individuals who have never shown even the slightest suicidal tendencies.

It’s probably a good thing that Mike Lindell has gone into hiding.

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