Who pulls your handbrake and drains your energy each afternoon?

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Trying to be productive when sagging eyelids and lethargy rule your afternoon hours is never easy. Your go-to pick-me-upper might be a cup of coffee, candy bar or energy drink. However, the shot of caffeine and sugar will quickly wear off, leaving you even more drained.

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Don’t stress; here are several energy boosters that take less than 10 minutes but last long enough to get you to bedtime without falling over.

Hunger causes low energy levels

Energy boosting granola and berries

People who eat a healthy breakfast report less stress and fatigue than those who skip breakfast. However, mind what you call breakfast. A sweet pastry half-way through the morning does not qualify as breakfast. You need high-fiber food like a bowl of oatmeal or a bowl of bran cereal for lasting energy. Hunger leads to low levels of energy.

Play karaoke to boost your energy

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For an emotional high, grab your hairbrush and don’t hold back. Choose your favorite song and belt it out. Singing reduces stress hormone levels in the body. However, if you’re at work, your colleagues might stare. If you have nowhere else, go sit in your car and sing as if your life depends on it. When you return, your revitalized energy will make your co-workers stare and ask for the recipe.

Boost your energy with yoga

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Yoga poses like downward dog is easy to do in the office instead of taking unpronounceable chemical energy boosters. Studies determined that deep breathing during yoga exercises and meditation are excellent fatigue fighters.

Need energy? How about going nuts?

Energy boosting nuts

Your sagging eyelids and lack of energy could mean your magnesium and folic acid levels are low, which hampers cell production and energy levels. The solution — grab a handful of peanuts or almonds. That should do the trick.

Dehydration could cause a lack of energy

Water in Glass

You don’t really have to do the “eight glasses per day” thing, but a glass of water every couple of hours could prevent dehydration. Walking to the water cooler every few hours will also wake you up.

Some say certain aromas boost energy

Cinnamon sticks

Although still in the research stage, many people swear by a whiff of the scent of a cinnamon stick to work magic to overcome lethargy. Cinnamon sticks may not be one of the many items in your purse, but peppermints might be. Their sweet aroma does the same job as cinnamon to fight fatigue.

Let the sun be your pick-me-upper

Sunshine garden

On clear, warm days, the sun can do wonders in minutes. A brief walk outside improves your memory, mood and absorbing new information.

Does your schedule allow a 10-minute workout?

Energy workout

Even if it is a brisk walk, exercise makes oxygen-rich blood rush through your body on its way to your heart, brain, and muscles. Moving about, even pacing while on the phone could be enough to keep your energy levels high.

Add fuel for optimal brain function

Energy peanut butter and banana

Do you get that fuzzy feeling that makes you feel you have no control over your eyelids? That could mean your body runs on fumes due to low blood sugar level. It is time for a snack to take you through to the evening. However, don’t rush out to get a candy bar. You need slow-burning carbs and protein like a combination of banana slices and peanut butter. Another option is a fresh berry and granola combination. Unlike the quick, short-term fix you get from chocolates and coffee, these combinations will boost your energy for hours.

What to avoid

Upbeat friends

Be picky when you hang out with friends. Those who tend to always be down and negative could sap your energy. Choose upbeat friends because their positive emotions are contagious.

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