Why critical race theory should cause you concern

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Do you think most U.S. citizens ages 18 and beyond have an understanding of Marxism? It’s logical to assume that most adults have, at least, heard of the former Soviet Union, China, Cuba and Cambodia. However, it’s questionable how much they have learned about these and other 20th century regimes that endured Marxist-style revolutions. Right now, throughout the United States of America, an extreme-leftist promoted ideology is spreading fast. Critical race theory is a loosely organized construct of analysis that basically states that there is no such thing as race. It is supposedly a culturally invented idea that is designed and used to oppress people of color. Notice that critical race theory is self-contradictory from the start. If there is no such thing as a naturally occurring race, then how can there be “people of color”?

To understand critical race theory and the effect it is having on this country, it’s beneficial to first gain a basic understanding of Marxism. Christopher F. Rufo, founder and director of the public policy research center, Battlefront, recently delivered a lecture at Hillsdale College. He has also authored a compilation of reports regarding the implementation of critical race theory in the federal government. In this post, we will recap Rufo’s main points as published in the March edition of “Imprimis,” a publication of Hillsdale College. Rufo’s remarks explain that critical race theory is an academic discipline originating in the 1990s. Its framework aligns with identity-based Marxism. And, just as most socialist regimes that underwent Marxist-style revolutions were disastrous for those countries, America may be at risk for a similar outcome if people do not take a stand against this fast-spreading ideology.

Critical race theory and Marxism stand on common ground

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By the middle to late 1800s, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels had formed the bases of their political and economic theory of Marxism. Marxists typically believe that the world is divided into two classes of people: workers and wealthy elitists who exploit workers, otherwise known as “Capitalists”. In his lecture at Hillsdale College, Rufo explained that Marx and Engels believed that industrialized societies were plagued by an imbalance of power between the two classes (workers and capitalists). Their proposed solution to the problem was for workers to revolt against management. They encouraged the working class to seize means of production and overthrow the Capitalists.

A brief review of world history shows that, in nearly every (if not all) instances of Marxist-inspired revolutions designed to usher in socialistic societies, two things happened:

  1. The implementation of Marxist ideas wreaked havoc upon the general population, including mass starvation, executions and other brutalities.
  2. Marxist-inspired revolutions always ultimately led to Communism. So, not only didn’t the people succeed in resolving the existing imbalance of power, they wound up losing 100% of their rights and freedom in Communist takeovers.

Rufo has stated that, in the past 10 years, colleges and universities throughout the United States have been inculcating critical race theory ideas, which supposedly promote social justice and diversity. Instructors have swapped use of the word “Marxism” for terms that are more appealing to modern generations of students, such as “equity” and “inclusion”. Many students confuse equity with equality, when, in fact, the two terms have vastly different meanings.

Is critical race theory merely Marxism in disguise?

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As proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence and codified under the 14th and 15th Amendments in the U.S. Constitution, America proclaims equal rights for all people. It might surprise you to learn that critical race theorists reject “equality” in favor of “equity,”although they often use the terms interchangeably. The “new, industrial orthodoxy” of critical race theory claims that equality (as defined and defended under the U.S. Constitution and the Civil Rights Act of 1964) is simply a smoke screen or camouflage for white supremacy in America.

Those who study Marxism will find many similarities to modern-day critical race theories. Professors across campuses nationwide are promoting equity. This ideology supports suspension of the right to own private property. Equity theories also state that privately owned land should be seized and all wealth redistributed, particularly to non-white peoples. Rufo says that a director of the Center for Anti-racist Research at Boston University, Ibram X. Kendi, has implored the federal government to create a “Department of Anti-racism, which would not be accountable to the elected branches of government. This “independent” department would have veto power, as well as the power to nullify or abolish laws or penalize speech of political leaders that it deems “racist”. According to Rufo, Kendi has stated that America can only be anti-racist if it abolishes capitalism. Starting to sound a lot like Marxism, is it not?

How would a race-based system of wealth redistribution protect equality in America?

The Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution are the primary documents of governance in America. If unlimited power is granted to an independent department of the federal government, it would essentially be a revolutionary overthrow that would abolish the principles of our founding documents.

In his series of reports on critical race theory in the federal government, Rufo stated that the U.S. Treasury Department has held training sessions telling staff members that “all white people contribute to racism”. In fact, Rufo says, white, male executives at Sandia National Laboratories (which designs our nuclear weapons) were required to attend a “re-education camp” where they were forced to renounce “white male privilege” and write letters of apology to fictional women and people of color.

In another report, Rufo told of fifth-graders in Philadelphia who were forced to celebrate “black communism,” including participating in a simulated rally to free a 1960s radical being held in prison on murder charges. He also reported that a Seattle school district told white, male instructors that they are guilty of “spirit murder” against black students. Rufo’s reports cite a database of more than 1,000 stories that prove that critical race theory has become an operating system in U.S. public academic institutions.

Critical race theory is not based on truth

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Erroneous ideas, such as “all white people are intrinsically oppressors” or “white teachers, by virtue of their stolen inheritance, are spirit murderers of black children” are among many false ideologies that are the driving forces of critical race theory. When confronted on facts and truth, the theorists often use semantics to dodge discussion. You can see this in action in this video of Patrice Cullors, a co-founder of the Black Lives Matter organization. Cullors is a self-proclaimed, trained Marxist. In this video, she states that she believes in Marxism. She then quickly resorts to semantics to try to justify such beliefs and convince people that Marxism is a good thing.

People who employ critical thinking skills and logic, however, question Cullors’ sincerity. Why would someone who supposedly believes in equality, truth and justice participate in organized riots, violence and crimes against humanity? Her words do not match her behavior. A study of Marxism helps clarify the issue. She has stated that she believes in Marxism. Marxists promote violence as a means to an end. This is made evident in tenets touted by Marx and Engels, which state that “violence in a revolution is inevitable and revolution is necessary.”

Critical race theorists cannot prove that systemic racism exists in America (because it doesn’t). If you disagree with the arguments of a critical race theorist, chances are, you will be labeled a “dissenter” or a “racist”.

President Donald J. Trump took action against the dangerous ideologies that threaten freedom and equality in America. He issued an executive order that prohibited critical race theory training programs in the federal government. Unfortunately, on the first day that Joe Biden took over the Oval Office, he rescinded the order.

The future will be determined by the people’s reaction to the indoctrination of these ideas

The Heritage Foundation published a report on critical race theory and the grip it is gaining on America, primarily through the public education system. It’s worth reading. It’s odd, isn’t it? Critical race theorists claim that “race” was culturally invented in order to oppress people of color. Yet, those same people now want the federal government and all aspects of life in America to function on the premise that all issues are based on a supposed systemic racial inequality. They want everything to be considered from a racial perspective. How does that make sense? How does that promote equality?

Those who value freedom, equality, true diversity and the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness will also want to research Marxism. It’s important to learn about the revolutions that claimed to have the good of the people in mind. However, their lives were destroyed when Marxist revolutions gave way to Communism. It’s also important to learn about the origins of critical race theory in order to know the truth. Such research will hopefully inspire a majority of Americans to courageously and unabashedly defend the equal rights of all people, as well as to stand against Marxist ideologies that are being promoted and inculcated throughout the public education system in America.



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