Why did Fauci approve funding for such depravity?

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Among many controversial topics that are highly debatable in today’s world, is whether or not it’s licit to use animals in experiments and testing for new drug products. As with most issues that question the morality of something, especially something that the government is funding, opinions vary. However, there exists in every person, an instinct that goes on high alert when it comes face-to-face with abject depravity. In short, there are certain things that most people instinctively recognize, not only as wrong, but evil. If you stay updated on news about the National Institutes of Health (NIH), you may have recently been shocked to learn two things about Anthony Fauci.

First, the NIH (finally) formally admitted that Senator Rand Paul was, in fact, telling the truth when he accused Fauci of knowingly funding the Wuhan lab in China in gain-of-function research. Even after the Chief Medical Advisor to the POTUS told Senator Paul that he “did not know what he was talking about,” the NIH has confessed that he (Paul) actually does. As if that weren’t bad enough, news headlines this past week told more about Anthony James Fauci. In his role as Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), he reportedly used U.S. taxpayer monies to fund research for a drug product. Doesn’t sound too bad when you say it like that. What they actually did is not only shocking, it’s the epitome of depravity.


In a letter to Anthony Fauci, Democrat and Republican lawmakers expressed grave concern about experiments for a drug product that involved torturing Beagle dogs. The lawmakers stated that, as Director of NIAID, Fauci ordered or approved more than $160 million of U.S. taxpayer money to fund experiments on the dogs between 2018 and 2019. The following list includes several of the depraved and torturous acts that researchers committed against the defenseless animals:

  •  An invoice shows that they performed Cordectomy surgery on one or more of the dogs, meaning cut out their vocal cords so they could no longer bark.
  • Researchers locked the Beagles in cages in the desert to use them for bait to attract sand flies.
  • They conducted a brutal experiment where the dogs were locked in cages from the neck up so that parasites could feed off them while they were alive. (They removed the vocal cords so that researchers didn’t have to hear the dogs howling as they were tortured.)
  • After the experiments, they killed and dissected the puppies, who were all approximately six to eight months old.

What was the purpose of these monstrous acts? Fauci directed U.S. taxpayer dollars to fund the experiments to test a vaccine drug. Lawmakers say that there is evidence that these horrific acts took place in Georgia, California, Africa and Maryland.

Highest paid U.S. government employee

In 2019, Anthony Fauci reportedly earned $417,608, making him the highest paid out of four million federal employees. It’s difficult to fathom, isn’t it? There are families struggling to put food on their tables. Don’t get me wrong. I support capitalism. What I do not support is allowing a man who not only lied to the U.S. Congress but the entire world to live freely, when he should be in prison. A man who used YOUR money and my money to torture animals and conduct gain-of-function research, then LIED about it, earns close to half a million dollars per year.

Under his advice, thousands of people had to lock down their small businesses. They weren’t able to recover when governors lifted their unjust mandates. They had to stay closed forever. Their families had no more income. Thousands more people are on unpaid leaves or facing termination of employment because they refuse to bow to tyranny and inject something into their bodies that they don’t want. Parents are fighting to protect their rights to make medical decisions on behalf of their children.

My question is this: Why is Anthony Fauci still a free man? Should they fire him? You bet. Then, he should be the subject of a real investigation and locked in prison for his crimes against humanity AND animals. Am I saying this as a personal opinion because there has been no formal investigation? Yes, I am, and I stand by it. I don’t want people using my hard-earned money to cut out the vocal cords of puppies and allow parasites to eat them alive. I’m mad as heck that Fauci and others used my money to fund gain-of-function research in a Wuhan laboratory.

I want justice!


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