Why Haven’t the Fashion Police Knocked on My Door Yet??

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I admit: I am a fashion disaster! I’m not a fashion disaster waiting to happen…it’s HERE. Like, right now. I think the last time I consistently paid attention to what I wore was before I got pregnant with my first kiddo. So that was, let’s see…almost 25 years ago! Oh, boy–someone help me, please!

One reason I have not become a fashionista is that my weight has fluctuated much since I started having children. I now suffer from many ailments that affect my weight. I’ve recently found a diet that’s working for me (Hallelujah!!) and I’m finally seeing a slimmer self. As I continue dropping weight, I’m finding that I actually want to dress better. But I’ve lost 25 years of time to fine-tune my fashion sense. I’m also an introvert and homebody, so shopping for clothes at a busy mall does not appeal to me.

What am I to do?

No, this is not a blog where I review the umpteen online fashion sites that offer shop-from-home solutions for people like me. Instead, I’ve compiled a list mostly for me, but I hope it helps you, too.

Stitch Fix

Stitch fix tends to be the first site to pop up when it comes to online shopping. What makes this, and its competitors, awesome is that you are assigned a stylist. Preliminary research seems to show that Stitch Fix can be costly. According to the site, you give your stylist your measurements and a few ideas on what style you like. Your stylist will send you five items and you get to keep what you like and send back what you don’t. No subscription is required, each box is $20 and the cost of the clothes range from $20 -$600. This link offers tips on how to get the most from your stylist and the site.

Thred Up

Thred Up is currently offering a 20% off coupon to sign up. They call themselves, “The largest online consignment shop and thrift store”. If you’re not reading between the lines, this means some of the clothes are used. However, Thred Up also offers still-got-the-tags-on clothing as well. There seems to be a wide variety of clothing with a “Thrift Now, Pay Later” deal. They also offer something called a “Goody Box” where with a $10 deposit, you are sent a box of 20 items and you only pay for what you keep.

Thrift Pick

Thrift Pick also offers second-hand clothing. Like the others, you fill out your size and style preference. You must return the items you don’t want to keep. This is pretty standard.

Here is a list for more “Try-and-buy” sites.

Remember, you pay for the items you keep and return the items you don’t want within a specified amount of time.


Trunk Club: A Nordstrom Company

Le Tote This one is a little different. It appears that you rent the clothes and return them when you’re finished. Of if you love it, keep it for up to 50% the retail price.

Natalie Attired

Urbane Box

Bungalow Clothing

Twirl Trunk

Daily Look

Just Fab

Frank and Oak



One of my favorite readers–and Friend–told me about Cladwell. Thank you, B!! One more tool to add to my arsenal to battle chronic “dressed-poorly” syndrome!

Some sites only send socks, shoes, bras, panties, and jewelry

It’s hard to take the plunge and trust someone else to dress me. However, at this point, that’s probably preferable to dressing myself! What do you think? Have you tried any of these sites? If so, what were your experiences? Leave your comments below and help this fashion-incapable damsel in distress 😉

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