Why more vaccinations equal more COVID-19 cases

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Why more vaccinations equal more COVID-19 cases - The Hot Mess Press

Let’s face it, the COVID-19 vaccine is experimental. It hasn’t been fully tested. There simply wasn’t enough time. But still, millions of people are lining up to get it. A lot of these people aren’t doing the research about what’s in the vaccine or what the short and long-term effects may be. And you’re allowed to do that. After all, “my body, my choice” right? If it applies to abortion rights, then it should also apply to experimental medical treatments. Here’s the problem though. Many people may not have access to truthful information on the vaccine. Or, perhaps they listen to the mainstream media, Big Pharma, and government officials who all seem to be telling us to get vaccinated. But something strange is going on. Suddenly, more vaccinations are leading to more COVID-19 cases. It’s not a good sign that this miraculous vaccine is increasing cases rather than decreasing them.

What’s happening in Seychelles

Seychelles, a small island nation in the Indian Ocean, is the world’s most vaccinated nation. Yet, they are seeing a huge surge in COVID-19 cases. Over 60% of the adult population is fully vaccinated. So, why are they seeing more COVID-19 cases? Out of the 1068 active cases in the country, 35% of those cases are fully vaccinated people. Similar conditions are happening in the Maldives and Bahrain which both have high rates of vaccination. Health officials blame the variants. This is certainly a possibility. But what does that mean for the future if the vaccine does not protect against variants? Viruses mutate all the time. So, it’s likely that people may be encouraged to continue getting boosters or new COVID-19 vaccinations every year or even more frequently. That’s pretty scary when you consider the fact that there is no long-term testing for efficacy or safety.

It’s all a conspiracy theory

People who don’t want the COVID-19 vaccine are being called conspiracy theorists, anti-vaxxers,  or worse. The media and government officials are using guilt, threats, and coercion to get people to take the vaccine. The American public is even being bribed with free beer and donuts. So, you take a vaccine that’s supposed to better your chances of being healthy, and you get booze and fried foods for free? It’s an odd situation that people are being put in. One on hand, everyone wants COVID-19 to just go away. So some people are willing to do anything to make that happen. This includes signing up for an untested vaccine. Others are much more cautious and don’t want to be used as guinea pigs during vaccine trials.

Most sensible people wouldn’t sign up for an experimental medical procedure for a disease that has a very high rate of survival. You may say, but the fact-checkers say the vaccine has been tested for safety. Well, that’s not possible. Vaccines take many years to develop. They go through animal trials before they ever make it to human trials. We’re in the human trials right now and the subjects of those trials consist of the entire vaccinated population. Each COVID-19 vaccine from every manufacturer is approved for emergency use only. That’s because none are rigorously tested or FDA-approved. If you haven’t yet had your vaccine, I would strongly encourage you to read up on potential side effects, long-term and short-term. Do some research on why mRNA vaccines have never been approved or used before. Make the choice based on truth, not pressure from outside sources.


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