Will the Balenciaga scandal expose the fashion industry?

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Will the Balenciaga scandal expose the fashion industry? - The Hot Mess Press

High fashion has long been known for pushing the limits when it comes to design ideas, some of which would be considered vulgar by the average person. It seems that designers and brands will do anything to shock people. Attention, even if negative, increases views on social media. Until recently, most negative attention was minor and the scandals were quickly forgotten. Balenciaga may have taken it too far this time. I follow some social media accounts that focus mostly on exposing the ills of Hollywood, including the fashion industry. Some of the connections reveal very dark themes, many of which appear to glamorize child exploitation.

The dark side of fashion

The world of high fashion has always been controversial. Models often speak out about the abuse they face and the questionable tasks they are asked to do during a shoot or a show. Underage models may be encouraged to wear scandalous outfits and child models can be exposed to inappropriate themes all in the name of art. Once the Balenciaga scandal was revealed, many social media “conspiracy theorists” started finding interesting links. These links between items in the ads and disturbing materials found on social media accounts of those connected revealed a dark world of art. This art depicted children being abused and sexually exploited. If you continue to follow the connections, it shows just how intertwined fashion, art, and Hollywood really are.

Will the Balenciaga scandal expose the fashion industry? -The Hot Mess Press

Is Balenciaga tied to the occult?

This New York Post article has some useful information for those who aren’t familiar with the scandal. The information in the article seems sensational and the NYP has a certain reputation leading many to question its credibility. But once you take the time to look further into the claims, they do seem to hold some weight. The fashion industry loves symbols. Even if these symbols mean nothing to the average person, they do have meaning to those who believe in the occult. So why is the name “Baal” included in one of the Balenciaga ad photos? Why are troubled-looking children pictured with adult items in rooms with questionable backgrounds? One thing alone could be a coincidence. But when you take into account the stylists, photographers, and others involved, it starts to look like the conspiracy theorists may be right again.

Will the Balenciaga scandal expose the fashion industry? -The Hot Mess Press

Fashion is a form of art. Some people believe nothing is off-limits when it comes to expressing oneself through art. Personally, I think fashion ads showing young children with sexualized teddy bears is disgusting. This says a lot about the people creating these ads. How many viewed the ads before they were published? They thought nothing was wrong. If they consider this type of “art” to be appropriate, what else are they into? The Balenciaga scandal has the potential to bring down the high fashion world. Before you dismiss the claims as conspiracy theories, take some time to look into them yourself. Conspiracy theories are sometimes based in fact and many have proven to be true over the past few years. In the future, we may look back and wonder how this went on for so long before it was exposed.

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