Will You Be Wearing a Fanny Pack This Summer?

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It is amazing how fashion cycles repeat themselves.  This spring we were shopping for groceries at Walmart and we swung by the shoe department to grab some flip flops for pool season. My girls spotted some jelly shoes and begged me to buy them. The crazy thing is I had jellies when I was five and loved them.  That was 27 years ago. They are still plastic cheap shoes that can be in any sparkly fun colors.

I do not claim to be a fashion expert or trend follower by any means. Some repeated fashion, I cannot and will not be able to accept as current fashion. I do not care who wears it or who tries to make it a trend. If it was ugly 20 or 30 years ago, it is still ugly.

I have a bone to pick with the designers about mom jeans. These are jeans that rest high on a woman’s waist. The jeans are so high that the jeans button underneath a woman’s bra. They were popular in the 1990’s, and I have the embarrassing pictures to prove that they should not be back in fashion. Designers are you bored or are you out of ideas? These do not need to make a comeback. If all jeans become high waisted, I will refuse to wear jeans until the trends change back.

Fanny packs are something that I thought you could only find in your attic or a thrift store, but apparently they are back in style. I saw an advertisement by a popular and well-known designer showcasing fanny packs. I cannot count the number of times I have heard jokes about fanny packs over the years. They can be quite useful when traveling and because they are being re-introduced, comedians will have many more years of material to form more jokes.

Some fashion is constant and some clothing items have stood the test to of time. Flip flops fly off shelves during warm months, jeans are still popular to wear as pants, men’s dress shirts have not changed much and high heels still look elegant. If you are someone that cannot purge items due to sentimental reasons, it may be time to delve into your attic, basements or closets. You might just have some hidden trendy fashion items that have circled back around to the present.

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