World records: “Lowest ever” stats will amaze you!

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There are people in this world who can do some amazing things. I recently did a post about a guy who jumped more than five feet into the air from a standstill! No one in human history has recorded a higher jump. Today, we’re sharing more world records about some astounding “lowest ever” feats! For instance, There is a young lady from Tobago (where Limbo was invented) who can do this:



Go ahead — hit replay, like I  did, several times! I mean, the fact that she can limbo under a vehicle is astounding enough, much less with two trays of drinks in her hands! This girl’s is on record for limbo-ing just under 12 inches! Wanna’ have some fun today? Share the video as a challenge to your friends and family members! Let’s see how low they can go! lol

More ‘lowest ever’ world records

Are you the type of person who loves winter? If so, this man says you’re lying to yourself! It’s no secret that many people have a love/hate (or purely hate/hate) relationship with cold weather and wintry outdoor conditions. If you fit that category, steer far clear of the Soviet Vostok Station in Antarctica! The lowest ever weather temperature occurred there at more than 128 degrees (F) below zero! Brrrrrrrr!

You can’t sneak up on an elephant

Elephants are able to hear infrasounds, which are sounds that register at frequencies below 20 hz. Most humans cannot hear below this frequency under normal conditions. I’m pretty sure my kids can, though, because they seem to be able to hear my very thoughts if I’m planning on opening a bag of chips! You might be one of the rare people who can hear an infrasound if you are in a place where there is dead silence. (Like, maybe in the middle of a tundra at that Soviet weather station we mentioned earlier.) This video clip tells more about  sound frequency capability.

A man down under golfed a lower score than Tiger

If you were to assume that Tiger Woods’s name would rank high on any world records list regarding lowest ever golf scores, you’d be correct. You might be surprised to learn, however, that Woods would not be the first name on the list! That honor goes to a man from Australia, who apparently shot a private round in Oklahoma with a score of 55! Par for this particular course is 71! Woods has successfully shot multiple 18-hole games at 62 or under although never quite as low as his Aussie counterpart.

Cross country is like golf

If you’re new to the sport of X country, you might be confused about scoring. Just remember that it’s similar to golf, meaning, the lower your score, the better. If understanding the scoring of it all is simply too complex for you, just pay attention to individual runners’ times instead. The lowest ever high school X country time for a 3.1 mile race belongs to an 18-year-old from Kenya. He attends school in New Jersey and he earned a world records spot for a high school 5k with a spectacular finish of 14.52! That is an average of three consecutive 4.7 minute miles!

Lowest ever vocal note

In the article I linked at the start of this post about the guy who jumped over five feet, there’s also a story about a man who sung a note that was off the keyboard! In fact, it was three semitones higher than C8, which is the highest note you can play on a piano. A Welsh musician who had a childhood dream of getting her name in a Guinness World Records book also holds a place of vocal honor of her own. She successfully sang a D2 at 72.5 hz, which is the lowest ever note sung by a woman!

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