Would You Be Ready for Life as a Royal?

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What if you were required to stay awake as long as your mother-in-law was still awake, that is, only if you and she were sleeping under the same roof, of course. And, stretch your imagination further, if you will, to think of what it might feel like if you could not simply enter a given room at any moment of your choice but, instead, had to do so at a prescribed time in procession with the other members of your family. Oh! And, wait! When entering the room, you must walk in the position assigned to you, meaning, if you are to walk behind your sister-in-law, so be it; you’d better not enter before her then.

In addition to protocol surrounding your entrances and exits from rooms or the time you happen to retire to bed for the evening, what if your own fashion choices, accessories and daily habits or hobbies would also have to be “cleared” as appropriate before undertaking.

Such is the life of a British Royal apparently, and international fans are paying close attention to a particular soon-to-be-one-of-them, otherwise known as Meghan Markle. Ms. Markle has already made headlines and gone viral on several occasions by breaking protocol or doing things that may be considered nonchalant this side of the pond but will definitely not be cutting it once she and her intended, Prince Harry, say their I do’s.

For one thing, the Royal Family never, as in n-e-v-e-r, sticks its collective tongues out in public (and likely not in private, either). Here in Yankee land, it’s hard to come by an Instagram or SnapChat photo that doesn’t include a bit of tongue waggling. In fact, it has become almost as common as saying “cheese” when one is being photographed. Ms. Markle reportedly raised a few Royal eyebrows when she recently waved to a crowd and – yep, you guessed it — stuck out her tongue as she walked arm-in-arm with her beloved, alongside his family, on the way to Christmas church services.

Hence, “no sticking out your tongue” was added to the ever-growing list of things Meghan Markle (the divorced American who has stolen Prince Harry’s heart) will no longer be allowed to do when she marries into The Family. Along with tongue pics, Meghan can also say good-bye to selfies. Word has it the Queen is not a fan and royal life typically means if it’s not okay with the Queen, it’s not okay.

Ms. Markle will probably have to do away with the dark shades of nail polish she seems to enjoy wearing (as the Queen prefers pale pink or other neutral shades) and will need to go shopping for a few pairs of nude colored pantyhose as it is considered quite inappropriate for Royals to go without when wearing dresses in public.

I think it’s safe to say Ms. Markle’s life is about to change, big time. She’ll go from posing for selfies with drinks in hand and posting on social networks (and blogging!) while wearing ripped up jeans and crop tops to a world where one dare not extend a hand to shake hers unless she does so first. This might be quite an adjustment for a woman who says her highest priority New Year resolutions are to stop biting her nails and quit cussing.

Prince Harry must be worth it because he and Ms. Markle have publicly announced their official wedding date, which is May 19, 2018. Good-bye Hollywood actress/philanthropist; hello — well,  that all depends on what the prince’s rank and title happen to be at the time of the wedding. Duchess, perhaps? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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