Yay! Summer is here — address dangers in paradise, aka your backyard

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People across the U.S. probably welcome this summer with more anticipation and excitement than any past summer. After months in lockdown, remote working  and social distancing we need to get out. We yearn for feeling the sun on our skins. Paradise, aka the backyard, is only a few steps away. Yet beware the dangers.

Considering the many hours we’ll spend in the backyard, it might be a good idea to give it a once-over to identify any potential dangers. Addressing all risks will allow peace of mind, particularly knowing that the kids won’t be at risk. The last thing you’d want to do is rush an injured child to the ER. Let’s look at those backyard dangers that are most common.

The dangers posed by garden tools

Dangers garden tools

Let’s face it, backyard work is exhausting. It can leave you so thirsty that you can’t wait to get a refreshing drink. Yet, how often do you return to gather the tools you used and store them away? Leaving them unsecured could cause a trip hazard with serious injuries.

The dangers of dog poop bacteria

Dogs on grass

If you thought dog poop is a natural fertilizer like some other animal feces, your wrong. In fact, dog poop contains dangerous bacteria. If you do not clean up after your dogs, those bacteria can find the way through the skin to cause infections. If you have children running around barefoot, make sure all the dog poop is removed.

Wet slippery grass poses fall dangers

Dangers wet grass

There’s no doubt that grass under our feet feels good. Yet, it could pose hidden dangers. Wet grass is slippery, which is even worse if it is full of weeds. To prevent slip-and-fall accidents, weeding and trimming the grass can limit the dangers. However, it is also a good idea to warn or remind others of the slip risks. Paving or decking around the pool also poses slip hazards when wet.

Ticks pose Lyme Disease dangers

Dangers Ticks in grass

Ticks are dangerous critters that carry the bacteria that cause Lyme disease. It is a serious condition that could cause long-term health problems. They live in the grass from where they get onto pets, and they love human blood. Examine your own and your children’s skins thoroughly after spending time on the grass. Make it a pre-bath or pre-bedtime ritual. Check every nook and cranny of the skin and the hairline at the back of the neck. Also, look out for the typical bull’s eye rash caused by tick bites.

Swimming pool dangers

Backyard pool

Remember, safety, not fun, comes first. A backyard swimming pool is a source of endless fun, but, never overlook the drowning risk. A danger typically higher when kids are running around. Make sure a fence and a locked gate will keep children out when there is no adult supervision.

Do you know about attractive nuisances? Your pool is a perfect example of such a nuisance. It attracts young children like a magnet. Other potential swimming pool risks include electrical shocks and excessive chemicals in the water.

Secure garden umbrellas

Garden Umbrella

Even if there are shady spots in the backyard, putting up a big umbrella gives it that vacation feel. However, an unexpected gust of wind can blow the umbrella over. A particular weight for patio umbrellas could keep them secure. An umbrella sandbag or a cantilever-based umbrella can also do the job.

Chemicals and pesticides

Dangers insecticide

It is always a good idea to avoid using strong pesticides. They can pose dangers for days by contaminating the backyard air. Pesticides could rub off on pets and children, and because their immune systems are not yet strong, kids are at high risk. This also applies to pool chemicals and other hazardous materials. Make sure to lock them away securely in the garden shed.

Backyard fires

Backyard firepit

Fire pits and grills are some of the highlights of spending fun times in the backyard. Grilling meat, toasting marshmallows, making smores and having sing-a-longs are all things that make happy memories.

What you don’t want is an overlooked danger to leave all those present with not-so-happy memories.

Enjoy, and make this summer one remembered for the right reasons!

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