Yeah, I know you can do the renovation yourself! But at what cost ?

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I know that watching YouTube how-to videos makes any renovation look easy to do yourself. However, it is a project that deserves careful consideration. While well-planned renovations could improve your house’s value, inexperience can ultimately cause overspending. Remember that the demo teams on YouTube are experienced. They have forgotten about the potential stumbling blocks long ago.

It reminds me of a video in which a Barbie doll shows how she lost weight in two weeks by using this product. However, when you buy the product, the small print indicates that you must follow a specific diet for the magic product to work.

Ready, steady, go! Jump into your renovation at the deep end

The video shows you exactly what to do. The presenters said it would be cheaper and quicker, so what’s to worry about? That’s it, right there, where hitting the pause button might be wise. You don’t want to say those famous last words afterward. “Well, in my mind, it was a smart idea at the time….”

Along with many lessons you will learn along the way, there are two necessary checks to do before you even pick up the hammer.

Renovation tools and beer
You have the beers while contractors do the work

Will your renovation be safe during and after completion

Keep in mind that the YouTube video handyman does not know anything about your home. If they show you how to break out a wall, they don’t know the locations of water pipes and electrical wires in your house. Keep in mind that only certified tradesmen may do plumbing, electrical work and framing. Did you include their fees in your renovation budget? Also, did you allow for extra costs if these contractors hit a snag? If those tasks are not correctly done, your family members will risk electrocution.

Most importantly, the YouTube guys don’t know whether the wall you want to break down is a supporting wall. Without understanding the finer details of house construction, chances are you’ll kill your entire family when the house caves in on them. I’m serious; that is what can happen if you break down a supporting wall.

Electrician Tools
Do you have the tools you need?

Does your estimate cover all potential eventualities?

Do you want to do your own renovation because you like challenges or to save money? If you have unrestricted funds, the budget may not be a problem. However, if you work on a budget, you might want to make sure you include the costs of the necessary tools.

Bathroom renovation
Are you ready to do the tiling?
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For example, if you plan to do tiling, do you have a wet saw or another type of tile cutter? What will you use to hold the grout mixture? Did you notice the tile trowel and other tools of the trade those guys on the video used? If you buy all the tools, what will you do with them after completing your renovation?

One more thing

Consider the skills you have to do your job. Do you think anyone can watch a video of you working, go away, and do it as good as you do? No, right? There are many details of your work that you do without even thinking about it. Those watching the video will not know all the finer details. Similarly, guaranteed, the YouTube DIY video will not cover all the bits that could add up and leave you with an empty bank account and an unsafe place to live.

Woman frustration
Not the reaction you expexted?
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In short, do not ignore that inner voice when it questions whether you will actually save money and time by tackling the renovation of your home. Before you even start planning, do some research and talk to experienced construction experts. If you then go ahead and do it yourself, I wish you good luck. However, make sure there will not be an “I told you so” at the project’s end. Why not take on the challenge of designing the rooms you want to change, using these apps to guide you. Leave the manual work for experienced contractors. Then you’ll at least have someone to blame if the end result is not what you wanted LOL.

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