Your best defense against a rapist is the 4-ball technique

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We live in strange times with many personal safety risks. Many myths exist about assaults, kidnappings and rape, however we’re all vulnerable. Looking for information about how, where, when and why rapists choose their victims will leave you with hundreds of pages covering myths and very few facts. It is best to accept that you could be the victim of a rapist at any time of the day, at any location and regardless of the clothes you wear. Furthermore, be vicious in your defense. Mediocre attempts at self-defense will not deter an attacker.

Trust no one,  you’re vulnerable and that is not a myth

There are two types of rapists, namely forceful and friendly. The first one is self-explanatory, and you will immediately be on the defense. However, the friendly rapists aim to get closer to you and win you over with friendly small talk. Your biggest mistake might be the fear of appearing rude, trusting friendly faces and ignoring your gut feelings. Remember, you can apologize later for unfounded mistrust, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

Myth: Your hairstyle makes you vulnerable

Rapists choose women with long hair. They see ponytails, braids, buns and loose hair as tools in their attacks because it makes grabbing their victims easier.

Vulnerable woman

This is FALSE, so please don’t go and shave your head or cut your hair to avoid being a rape victim. A rapist could just as quickly grab your clothes or limbs. Essentially, immobilizing you would always be a rapist’s first priority, and grabbing your hair would be pointless.

Myth: Your clothes make you vulnerable

Vulnerable woman in dress

Rapists choose women with easily removable clothes as victims. This would make every woman in swimwear a potential rape victim, which we know is not valid.

3 figures in Suit of armor

This is FALSE, and you don’t have to dress in a suit of armor on your shopping trips. If the opportunity presents, a rapist will not stop to consider how much trouble he’ll have to rip your clothes off. However, making sure what you wear will not impede your fighting and running ability would be wise.

Myth: Very few rapists carry weapons

Bars of jail cell

The reason for this is the sentence for rape without weapons is 3 to 5 years, but armed assault and rape could land a rapist behind bars for 15 to 20 years. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, that is FALSE. Weapons form part of 30% of stranger rapes and 7% of acquaintance rapes.


Regardless, all rape attacks are forceful, and a whole lot of physical damage is possible without brandishing a weapon.


Myth: Carry an umbrella to use as a weapon against a rapist

Vulnerable woman with umbrella

Soooo FALSE — An attacker will grab the umbrella in the blink of an eye and use it against you. The sensible protection to carry is Pepper Spray and a screamer or noisemaker Personal Security Alarm in plain sight where potential rapists can see them.

The following are not myths but facts

Being distracted by your cell phone or your children and unaware of your surroundings make you an easier target.

Secluded areas like parking garages, elevators, lonely stairwells, jogging or biking trails, Laundromats and other isolated places pose significant risks. However, once an invader is inside your home, he would have the necessary isolation to launch an attack and rape you, so be alert wherever you are.


Fact not Myth — Your best defense against a rapist is the 4-ball technique

If you ever fall victim to the attack of a rapist, do not freeze. The more brutal your attack in self-defense, the higher your chances of chasing your attacker off. A self-defense instructor will teach you a variety of moves.

Vulnerable woman kicking man's groin

However, never forget the damage you can do by using the 4-ball technique. The most sensitive parts of a man are the two balls between his ears and the two between his legs.

Woman kicks man in groin


When he least expects it, use your hands, a foot, or your knee to squash his testicles, following up with forcefully poking your fingers in his eyes. Use enough force, and you will render him blinded and useless with pain — enough to give you a chance to run away.

Vulnerable woman poking man's eyes

Bottom line, acknowledge your vulnerability, be alert and be vicious when you have to defend yourself!


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