Your coffee recipe goes Next Level if you put this in it

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Are you a morning brew type of person? Do you set a timer before you go to bed at night, so that you’re met with a wonderful aroma at the start of a new day? There’s been a lot of controversy through the years as to whether coffee is a healthy choice of beverage. First “they” said it was, then it wasn’t, now, it is again. (In fact, it always was.) Some people restrict their intake to a warm beverage, first thing in the morning to avoid being kept awake at night. Others say they can drink it at any time, even midnight, and still sleep well. You might count yourself among those who love this particular beverage, as long as it’s a coffee recipe served over ice.

There are many ways to serve a cup of coffee. You might like it creamy or sweetened. Maybe you’re a fan of black, meaning nothing added. Perhaps you like to step up your game a bit by squirting whipped cream on top or adding a splash of alcohol (Irish coffee, anyone?). No matter how you’ve taken it in the past, today’s post offers a new idea that might be a coffee game-changer for you!

Add ground spices to your coffee recipe

There are many benefits to starting out your day with a cup of coffee. You’ll take your culinary beverage experience to the next level, if you start adding spices to your brew! A good rule of thumb is to think about your favorite autumn confections, then try to recreate a similar flavor with spices. For instance, do you love pumpkin pie? If so, then try adding spices like nutmeg, cinnamon or cloves to your next cup of Joe. (Incidentally, if you’ve ever wondered why we call coffee a “cup of Joe,” you can find out, here.) If you’re a risk-taker or enjoy doing out-of-the-ordinary things, you might try adding ground lavender or other herbs and spices to your coffee. (I’ve made tea out of dried lavender, and liked it, but I’m not sure I’d prefer it in coffee. But, hey, to each his own, right?)

Grind it fresh, or use already ground spices

If you have a kitchen appliance for grinding whole spices, nuts, etc., you can use it to grind spices for coffee. Then again, if you’re a whole-bean type person who is already using a grinder to prepare your morning brew, you can simply add spices to the beans and blend it all at once. It’s also perfectly fine to use already ground spices. About 1/4 or 1/2 teaspoon of spice should be plenty per six cups of each coffee recipe. Like all things foodie and beverage, part of the fun lies in experimentation. Try some of this or a little of that, and keep tweaking until you hit on a combination that you love!

If you don’t have a grinding device of any kind, you can add your spices to the coffee grounds in the filter, then give a stir. What you want to avoid is dumping spices into an already brewed cup. This will likely cause them to float around or collect in little globs, which won’t be very appetizing. You CAN, however, add them to your already brewed cup, IF you plan on emulsifying it in a blender or other appliance to make a foamy beverage.

Can you imagine adding salt to your coffee recipe?

When I first learned about adding spices to a coffee recipe, I was shocked to see “salt” included in the list of suggestions. It turns out that adding salt to our brew is an oddity in American culture but not throughout the world. Other people have been doing it for ages. In some cultures, it’s actually part of a bridal tradition!

Enthusiasts say the salt draws the sweetness of coffee to the forefront while diminishing its bitterness. If you happen to love the bitter part, you might want to nix the salt.

More fun ideas

Have you ever had coffee in a cookie cup? How about affogato coffee, which is an Italian dessert made with vanilla ice cream and espresso? There’s even such a thing as a coffee slush! This article shares 15 fun ways to make coffee! What’s your favorite coffee recipe?

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